Goussanem & Aloui Law Firm was established in order to provide the business community, with high standars, reliable and efficient legal services, is a great and safe choice for business clients in need of counsel in Algeria. Since our firm's founding in 1999, we have been giving legal advice, conducting negotiation and pleading case in observance of the essential values of our profession: independance, expertise and loyality. Our relations with clients are founded on availability, transparency, trust and the quest for excellence, with the emphasis on delivery of real-time legal solutions tailored to the requirements of the case.


Our key aim is to provide high quality, fast, tailor-made services to meet the specific requirements of each one of our clients.

Specialized Expertise

Clients turn to Goussanem & Aloui Law Firm for its demonstrated expertise in Business and Corporate Law in Algeria.

Talent & Experience

Law firm Goussanem & Aloui boasts a young and vigorous team, most of whom have years of experience in specialized fields.